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Add a list of NetBIOS aliases to the SMB server

If you want SMB clients to connect to the SMB server by using an alias, you can create a list of NetBIOS aliases, or you can add NetBIOS aliases to an existing list of NetBIOS aliases.

About this task
  • The NetBIOS alias name can be 15 up to characters in length.

  • You can configure up to 200 NetBIOS aliases on the SMB server.

  • The following characters are not allowed:

    @ # * ( ) = + [ ] | ; : " , < > \ / ?

  1. Add the NetBIOS aliases:
    vserver cifs add-netbios-aliases -vserver vserver_name -netbios-aliases NetBIOS_alias,…​

    vserver cifs add-netbios-aliases -vserver vs1 -netbios-aliases alias_1,alias_2,alias_3

    • You can specify one or more NetBIOS aliases by using a comma-delimited list.

    • The specified NetBIOS aliases are added to the existing list.

    • A new list of NetBIOS aliases is created if the list is currently empty.

  2. Verify that the NetBIOS aliases were added correctly: vserver cifs show -vserver vserver_name -display-netbios-aliases

    vserver cifs show -vserver vs1 -display-netbios-aliases

    Vserver: vs1
             Server Name: CIFS_SERVER
             NetBIOS Aliases: ALIAS_1, ALIAS_2, ALIAS_3
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