ONTAP 9.14

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Convert management LIFs from IPv4 to IPv6

For ONTAP releases earlier than 9.13.1, or for 9.13.1 and later on other platforms, you must first assign IPv4 addresses to management LIFs, and then convert to IPv6 addresses after you complete cluster setup.

  1. Enable IPv6 for the cluster:

    network options ipv6 modify -enable true
  2. Set privilege to advanced:

    set priv advanced
  3. View the list of RA prefixes learned on various interfaces:

    network ndp prefix show
  4. Create an IPv6 management LIF:

    Use the format prefix::id in the address parameter to construct the IPv6 address manually.

    network interface create -vserver <svm_name> -lif <LIF> -home-node <home_node> -home-port <home_port> -address <IPv6prefix::id> -netmask-length <netmask_length> -failover-policy <policy> -service-policy <service_policy> -auto-revert true
  5. Verify that the LIF was created:

    network interface show
  6. Verify that the configured IP address is reachable:

    network ping6
  7. Mark the IPv4 LIF as administratively down:

    network interface modify -vserver <svm_name> -lif <lif_name> -status-admin down
  8. Delete the IPv4 management LIF:

    network interface delete -vserver <svm_name> -lif <lif_name>
  9. Confirm that the IPv4 management LIF is deleted:

    network interface show
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