ONTAP 9.14

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Manage core dumps (cluster administrators only)

When a node panics, a core dump occurs and the system creates a core dump file that Fujitsu Support can use to troubleshoot the problem. You can configure or display core dump attributes. You can also save, display, segment, upload, or delete a core dump file.

You can manage core dumps in the following ways:

  • Configuring core dumps and displaying the configuration settings

  • Displaying basic information, the status, and attributes of core dumps

    Core dump files and reports are stored in the /mroot/etc/crash/ directory of a node. You can display the directory content by using the system node coredump commands or a web browser.

  • Saving the core dump content and uploading the saved file to a specified location or to Fujitsu Support

    ONTAP prevents you from initiating the saving of a core dump file during a takeover, an aggregate relocation, or a giveback.

  • Deleting core dump files that are no longer needed

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