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Remove S3 NAS bucket configuration before reverting from ONTAP 9.12.1 or later

If you have configured S3 client access for NAS data, before you revert from ONTAP 9.12.1 or later to ONTAP 9.11.1 or earlier, you should use the ONTAP command line interface (CLI) to remove the NAS bucket configuration and to remove any name mappings (S3 users to Windows or Unix users).

About this task

The following tasks are completed in the background during the revert process.

  • Remove all partially completed singleton object creations (that is, all entries in hidden directories).

  • Remove all hidden directories; there might be one on for each volume that is accessible from the root of the export mapped from the S3 NAS bucket.

  • Remove the upload table.

  • Delete any default-unix-user and default-windows-user values for all configured S3 servers.

  1. Remove S3 NAS bucket configuration:

    vserver object-store-server bucket delete -vserver _svm_name_ -bucket _s3_nas_bucket_name_
  2. Remove name mappings for UNIX:

    vserver name-mapping delete -vserver _svm_name_ -direction s3-unix
  3. Remove name mappings for Windows:

    vserver name-mapping delete -vserver _svm_name_ -direction s3-win
  4. Remove the S3 protocols from the SVM:

    vserver remove-protocols -vserver <svm_name> -protocols s3
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