ONTAP 9.14

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Provision NAS storage for large file systems using FlexGroup volumes

A FlexGroup volume is a scalable NAS container that provides high performance along with automatic load distribution. FlexGroup volumes provide massive capacity (in petabytes), which considerably exceeds the FlexVol volume limits, without adding any management overhead.

The topics in this section show you how to manage FlexGroup volumes with ONTAP System Manager in ONTAP 9.7 and later releases. If you are using the classic ONTAP System Manager (available only in ONTAP 9.7), see this topic:

Beginning with ONTAP 9.9.1, SnapMirror fanout relationships of two or more FlexGroup volumes are supported, with a maximum of eight fanout legs. ONTAP System Manager does not support SnapMirror cascading FlexGroup volume relationships.

ONTAP automatically selects the local tiers required for creating the FlexGroup volume.

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, when you provision storage, QoS is enabled by default. You can disable QoS or choose a custom QoS policy during the provisioning process or at a later time.

  1. Click Storage > Volumes.

  2. Click Add.

  3. Click More Options and then select Distribute volume data across the cluster.

    1. If you are running ONTAP 9.8 or later and you want to disable QoS or choose a custom QoS policy, click More Options and then, under Storage and Optimization select Performance Service Level.

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