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Assign an export policy to a volume

Each volume contained in the SVM must be associated with an export policy that contains export rules for clients to access data in the volume.

About this task

You can associate an export policy to a volume when you create the volume or at any time after you create the volume. You can associate one export policy to the volume, although one policy can be associated to many volumes.

  1. If an export policy was not specified when the volume was created, assign an export policy to the volume:

    volume modify -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -policy export_policy_name

  2. Verify that the policy was assigned to the volume:

    volume show -volume volume_name -fields policy


The following commands assign the export policy nfs_policy to the volume vol1 on the SVM vs1 and verify the assignment:

cluster::> volume modify -v1server vs1 -volume vol1 -policy nfs_policy

cluster::>volume show -volume vol -fields policy
vserver volume       policy
------- ------------ ----------------
vs1     vol1         nfs_policy
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