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Commands for displaying information about quotas

You can use commands to display a quota report containing enforced quotas and resource usage, display information about quota state and errors, or about quota policies and quota rules.

You can run the following commands only on FlexVol volumes.

If you want to…​ Use this command…​

View information about enforced quotas

volume quota report

View resource usage (disk space and number of files) of quota targets

volume quota report

Determine which quota limits are affected when a write to a file is allowed

volume quota report with the -path parameter

Display the quota state, such as on, off, and initializing

volume quota show

View information about quota message logging

volume quota show with the -logmsg parameter

View errors that occur during quota initialization and resizing

volume quota show with the -instance parameter

View information about quota policies

volume quota policy show

View information about quota rules

volume quota policy rule show

View the name of the quota policy that is assigned to a storage virtual machine (SVM, formerly known as Vserver)

vserver show with the -instance parameter

See the man page for each command for more information.

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