ONTAP 9.14

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Reactivate a source storage VM

Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can use ONTAP System Manager to reactivate a source storage VM after a disaster. Reactivating the source storage VM stops the destination storage VM, and it reenables replication from the source to the destination.

About this task

When you reactivate the source storage VM, ONTAP System Manager performs the following operations in the background:

  • Creates a reverse SVM DR relationship from the original destination to original source using SnapMirror resync

  • Stops the destination SVM

  • Updates the SnapMirror relationship

  • Breaks the SnapMirror relationship

  • Restarts the original SVM

  • Issues a SnapMirror resync of the original source back to the original destination

  • Cleans up the SnapMirror relationships

  1. Select the desired protection relationship: click Protection > Relationships.

  2. Click kabob icon and click Reactivate Source Storage VM.

  3. Under Relationships, monitor the source reactivation progress by viewing Transfer Status for the protection relationship.

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