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Determine whether Snapshot copies are available for Previous Versions use

You can view Snapshot copies from the Previous Versions tab only if an enabled Snapshot policy is applied to the volume containing the share, and if the volume configuration allows access to Snapshot copies. Determining Snapshot copy availability is helpful when assisting a user with Previous Versions access.

  1. Determine whether the volume on which the share data resides has automatic Snapshot copies enabled and whether clients have access to Snapshot directories: volume show -vserver vserver-name -volume volume-name -fields vserver,volume,snapdir-access,snapshot-policy,snapshot-count

    The output displays what Snapshot policy is associated with the volume, whether client Snapshot directory access is enabled, and the number of available Snapshot copies.

  2. Determine whether the associated Snapshot policy is enabled: volume snapshot policy show -policy policy-name

  3. List the available Snapshot copies: volume snapshot show -volume volume_name

    For more information about configuring and managing Snapshot policies and Snapshot schedules, see Data Protection.


The following example displays information about Snapshot policies associated with the volume named “data1” that contains the shared data and available Snapshot copies on “data1”.

cluster1::> volume show -vserver vs1 -volume data1 -fields vserver,volume,snapshot-policy,snapdir-access,snapshot-count
vserver  volume snapdir-access snapshot-policy snapshot-count
-------- ------ -------------- --------------- --------------
vs1      data1  true           default         10

cluster1::> volume snapshot policy show -policy default
Vserver: cluster1
                   Number of Is
Policy Name        Schedules Enabled Comment
------------------ --------- ------- ----------------------------------
default                    3 true    Default policy with hourly, daily & weekly schedules.
    Schedule         Count     Prefix                 SnapMirror Label
    ---------------- -----     ---------------------- -------------------
    hourly               6     hourly                 -
    daily                2     daily                  daily
    weekly               2     weekly                 weekly

cluster1::> volume snapshot show -volume data1
Vserver  Volume  Snapshot                  State        Size Total% Used%
-------- ------- ------------------------- -------- -------- ------ -----
vs1      data1
                 weekly.2012-12-16_0015    valid       408KB     0%    1%
                 daily.2012-12-22_0010     valid       420KB     0%    1%
                 daily.2012-12-23_0010     valid       192KB     0%    0%
                 weekly.2012-12-23_0015    valid       360KB     0%    1%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1405    valid       196KB     0%    0%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1505    valid       196KB     0%    0%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1605    valid       212KB     0%    0%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1705    valid       136KB     0%    0%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1805    valid       200KB     0%    0%
                 hourly.2012-12-23_1905    valid       184KB     0%    0%
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