ONTAP 9.14

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Modify data export for client access

To enable clients to take advantage of trunking for existing data shares, you might have to modify export policies and rules, and the volumes to which they are attached. There are different export requirements for Linux clients and VMware datastores.

Client export requirements:

  • Linux clients must have a separate mount and a separate mount point for each trunking connection (that is, for each LIF).

    If you are upgrading to ONTAP 9.14.1 and you have already exported a volume, you can continue to use that volume in a trunking group.

  • VMware clients require only a single mount point for an exported volume, with multiple LIFs specified.

    VMware clients require root access in the export policy.

  1. Verify that an existing export policy is in place:

    vserver export-policy show

  2. Verify that the existing export policy rules are appropriate for the trunking configuration:

    vserver export-policy rule show -policyname policy_name

    In particular, verify that the -clientmatch parameter correctly identifies the trunking-capable Linux or VMware clients that will mount the export.

    If adjustments are necessary, modify the rule using the vserver export-policy rule modify command or create a new rule:

    vserver export-policy rule create -vserver svm_name -policyname policy_name -ruleindex integer -protocol nfs4 -clientmatch { text | "text,text,…" } -rorule security_type -rwrule security_type -superuser security_type -anon user_ID

    Learn more about creating export rules.

  3. Verify that existing exported volumes are online:

    volume show -vserver svm_name

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