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How you specify UNIX users for quotas

You can specify a UNIX user for a quota using one of three formats: the user name, the UID, or a file or directory owned by the user.

To specify a UNIX user for a quota, you can use one of the following formats:

  • The user name, such as jsmith.

    You cannot use a UNIX user name to specify a quota if that name includes a backslash (\) or an @ sign. This is because ONTAP treats names containing these characters as Windows names.

  • The UID, such as 20.

  • The path of a file or directory owned by that user, so that the file’s UID matches the user.

    If you specify a file or directory name, you must select a file or directory that will last as long as the user account remains on the system.

    Specifying a file or directory name for the UID does not cause ONTAP to apply a quota to that file or directory.

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