ONTAP 9.14

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Decide where to provision new S3 storage capacity

Before you create a new S3 bucket, you must decide whether to place it in a new or existing SVM. This decision determines your workflow.

  • If you want to provision a bucket in a new SVM or an SVM that is not enabled for S3, complete the steps in the following topics.

    Although S3 can coexist in an SVM with NFS and SMB, you might choose to create a new SVM if one of the following is true:

    • You are enabling S3 on a cluster for the first time.

    • You have existing SVMs in a cluster in which you do not want to enable S3 support.

    • You have one or more S3-enabled-SVMs in a cluster, and you want another S3 server with different performance characteristics. After enabling S3 on the SVM, proceed to provision a bucket.

  • If you want to provision the initial bucket or an additional bucket on an existing S3-enabled SVM, complete the steps in the following topic.

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