ONTAP 9.14

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Run efficiency operations manually

You can run efficiency operations manually on a volume by using the volume efficiency start command.

What you’ll need

Depending on the efficiency operation you want to run manually, you must have enabled deduplication or both data compression and deduplication on a volume.

About this task

When temperature-sensitive storage efficiency is enabled on a volume, deduplication is run initially followed by data compression.

Deduplication is a background process that consumes system resources while it is running. If the data does not change often in a volume, it is best to run deduplication less frequently. Multiple concurrent deduplication operations running on a storage system lead to a higher consumption of system resources.

You can run a maximum of eight concurrent deduplication or data compression operations per node. If any more efficiency operations are scheduled, the operations are queued.

Beginning with ONTAP 9.13.1, if temperature-sensitive storage efficiency is enabled on a volume, you can run volume efficiency on existing data to take advantage of sequential packing to further improve storage efficiency.

Run efficiency manually

  1. Start the efficiency operation on a volume: volume efficiency start


    The following command allows you to manually start only deduplication or deduplication followed by logical compression and container compression on the volume VolA

    volume efficiency start -vserver vs1 -volume VolA

Repack existing data

To take advantage of sequential data packing introduced in ONTAP 9.13.1 on volumes with temperature-sensitive storage efficiency enabled, you can repack existing data. You must be in advanced privilege mode to use this command.

  1. Set the privilege level: set -privilege advanced

  2. Repack existing data: volume efficiency inactive-data-compression start -vserver vserver_name -volume volume_name -scan-mode extended_recompression

    volume efficiency inactive-data-compression start -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -scan-mode extended_recompression
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