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Configure NTFS file permissions in a share

To enable file access to the users or groups who have access to a share, you must configure NTFS file permissions on files and directories in that share from a Windows client.

Before you begin

The administrator performing this task must have sufficient NTFS permissions to change permissions on the selected objects.

About this task

SMB reference overview and your Windows documentation contain information about how to set standard and advanced NTFS permissions.

  1. Log in to a Windows client as an administrator.

  2. From the Tools menu in Windows Explorer, select Map network drive.

  3. Complete the Map Network Drive box:

    1. Select a Drive letter.

    2. In the Folder box, type the SMB server name containing the share that contains the data to which you want to apply permissions and the name of the share.

      If your SMB server name is SMB_SERVER01 and your share is named “SHARE1”, you would enter \\SMB_SERVER01\SHARE1.

      You can specify the IP address of the data interface for the SMB server instead of the SMB server name.

    3. Click Finish.

    The drive you selected is mounted and ready with the Windows Explorer window displaying files and folders contained within the share.

  4. Select the file or directory for which you want to set NTFS file permissions.

  5. Right-click the file or directory, and then select Properties.

  6. Select the Security tab.

    The Security tab displays the list of users and groups for which NTFS permission are set. The Permissions for <Object> box displays a list of Allow and Deny permissions in effect for the selected user or group.

  7. Click Edit.

    The Permissions for <Object> box opens.

  8. Perform the desired actions:

    If you want to…​. Do the following…​

    Set standard NTFS permissions for a new user or group

    1. Click Add.

      The Select User, Computers, Service Accounts, or Groups window opens.

    2. In the Enter the object names to select box, type the name of the user or group on which you want to add NTFS permission.

    3. Click OK.

    Change or remove standard NTFS permissions from a user or group

    In the Group or user names box, select the user or group that you want to change or remove.

  9. Perform the desired actions:

    If you want to…​ Do the following

    Set standard NTFS permissions for a new or existing user or group

    In the Permissions for <Object> box, select the Allow or Deny boxes for the type of access that you want to allow or not allow for the selected user or group.

    Remove a user or group

    Click Remove.

    If some or all of the standard permission boxes are not selectable, it is because the permissions are inherited from the parent object. The Special permissions box is not selectable. If it is selected, it means that one or more of the granular advanced rights has been set for the selected user or group.

  10. After you finish adding, removing, or editing NTFS permissions on that object, click OK.

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