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Verify NFS client access from the cluster

You can give select clients access to the share by setting UNIX file permissions on a UNIX administration host. You can check client access by using the vserver export-policy check-access command, adjusting the export rules as necessary.

  1. On the cluster, check client access to exports by using the vserver export-policy check-access command.

    The following command checks read/write access for an NFSv3 client with the IP address to the volume home2. The command output shows that the volume uses the export policy exp-home-dir and that access is denied.

    cluster1::> vserver export-policy check-access -vserver vs1 -client-ip -volume home2 -authentication-method sys -protocol nfs3 -access-type read-write
                                          Policy    Policy     Rule
    Path                    Policy        Owner     Owner Type Index  Access
    ----------------------- ------------- --------- ---------- ------ ----------
    /                       default       vs1_root  volume          1 read
    /eng                    default       vs1_root  volume          1 read
    /eng/home2              exp-home-dir  home2     volume          1 denied
    3 entries were displayed.
  2. Examine the output to determine whether the export policy works as intended and the client access behaves as expected.

    Specifically, you should verify which export policy is used by the volume or qtree and the type of access the client has as a result.

  3. If necessary, reconfigure the export policy rules.

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