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Configure offline files support on SMB shares by using the Computer Management MMC

If you want to permit users to cache files locally for offline use, you can configure offline files support by using the Computer Management MMC (Microsoft Management Console).

  1. To open the MMC on your Windows server, in Windows Explorer, right-click the icon for the local computer, and then select Manage.

  2. On the left panel, select Computer Management.

  3. Select Action > Connect to another computer.

    The Select Computer dialog box appears.

  4. Type the name of the CIFS server or click Browse to locate the CIFS server.

    If the name of CIFS server is the same as the storage virtual machine (SVM) host name, type the SVM name. If the CIFS server name is different from the SVM host name, type the name of the CIFS server.

  5. Click OK.

  6. In the console tree, click System Tools > Shared Folders.

  7. Click Shares.

  8. In the results pane, right-click the share.

  9. Click Properties.

    Properties for the share you selected are displayed.

  10. In the General tab, click Offline Settings.

    The Offline Settings dialog box appears.

  11. Configure the offline availability options as appropriate.

  12. Click OK.

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