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Use the Previous Versions tab to view and manage Snapshot copy data

Users on Windows client machines can use the Previous Versions tab on the Windows Properties window to restore data stored in Snapshot copies without needing to involve the storage virtual machine (SVM) administrator.

About this task

You can only use the Previous Versions tab to view and manage data in Snapshot copies of data stored on the SVM if the administrator has enabled Snapshot copies on the volume containing the share, and if the administrator configures the share to show Snapshot copies.

  1. In Windows Explorer, display the contents of the mapped drive of the data stored on the CIFS server.

  2. Right-click the file or folder in the mapped network drive whose Snapshot copies you want to view or manage.

  3. Click Properties.

    Properties for the file or folder you selected are displayed.

  4. Click the Previous Versions tab.

    A list of available Snapshot copies of the selected file or folder is displayed in the Folder versions: box. The listed Snapshot copies are identified by the Snapshot copy name prefix and the creation timestamp.

  5. In the Folder versions: box, right-click the copy of the file or folder that you want to manage.

  6. Perform the appropriate action:

    If you want to…​ Do the following…​

    View data from that Snapshot copy

    Click Open.

    Create a copy of data from that Snapshot copy

    Click Copy.

    Data in Snapshot copies is read-only. If you want to make modifications to files and folders listed in the Previous Versions tab, you must save a copy of the files and folders that you want to modify to a writable location and make modifications to the copies.

  7. After you finish managing Snapshot data, close the Properties dialog box by clicking OK.

    For more information about using the Previous Versions tab to view and manage Snapshot data, consult the Microsoft TechNet Library.

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