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Assign an export policy to a qtree

Instead of exporting an entire volume, you can also export a specific qtree on a volume to make it directly accessible to clients. You can export a qtree by assigning an export policy to it. You can assign the export policy either when you create a new qtree or by modifying an existing qtree.

What you’ll need

The export policy must exist.

About this task

By default, qtrees inherit the parent export policy of the containing volume if not otherwise specified at the time of creation.

You can associate an export policy to a qtree when you create the qtree or at any time after you create the qtree. You can associate one export policy to the qtree, although one policy can be associated with many qtrees.

  1. If an export policy was not specified when the qtree was created, assign an export policy to the qtree:

    volume qtree modify -vserver vserver_name -qtree-path /vol/volume_name/qtree_name -export-policy export_policy_name

  2. Verify that the policy was assigned to the qtree:

    volume qtree show -qtree qtree_name -fields export-policy


The following commands assign the export policy nfs_policy to the qtree qt1 on the SVM vs1 and verify the assignment:

cluster::> volume modify -v1server vs1 -qtree-path /vol/vol1/qt1 -policy nfs_policy

cluster::>volume qtree show -volume vol1 -fields export-policy
vserver volume qtree export-policy
------- ------ ----- -------------
vs1     data1  qt01  nfs_policy
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