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Change the BranchCache server key

You can change the BranchCache server key by modifying the BranchCache configuration on the storage virtual machine (SVM) and specifying a different server key.

About this task

You can set the server key to a specific value so that if multiple servers are providing BranchCache data for the same files, clients can use hashes from any server using that same server key.

When you change the server key, you must also flush the hash cache. After flushing the hashes, ONTAP creates new hashes as new requests are made by BranchCache-enabled clients.

  1. Change the server key by using the following command: vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vserver_name -server-key text -flush-hashes true

    When configuring a new server key, you must also specify -flush-hashes and set the value to true.

  2. Verify that the BranchCache configuration is correct by using the vserver cifs branchcache show command.


The following example sets a new server key that contains spaces and flushes the hash cache on SVM vs1:

cluster1::> vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vs1 -server-key "new vserver secret" -flush-hashes true

cluster1::> vserver cifs branchcache show -vserver vs1

                                 Vserver: vs1
          Supported BranchCache Versions: enable_all
                      Path to Hash Store: /hash_data
          Maximum Size of the Hash Store: 20GB
Encryption Key Used to Secure the Hashes: -
        CIFS BranchCache Operating Modes: per_share
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