ONTAP 9.14

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Configure the backup application

After the cluster is configured for NDMP access, you must gather information from the cluster configuration and then configure the rest of the backup process in the backup application.

  1. Gather the following information that you configured earlier in ONTAP:

    • The user name and password that the backup application requires to create the NDMP connection

    • The IP addresses of the intercluster LIFs that the backup application requires to connect to the cluster

  2. In ONTAP, display the aliases that ONTAP assigned to each device by using the storage tape alias show command.

    The aliases are often useful in configuring the backup application.

    cluster1::> storage tape show -alias
      Device ID: 2a.0
    Device Type: tape drive
    Description: Hewlett-Packard LTO-5
    Node                        Alias     Mapping
    --------------------------- --------- ------------------------------
    stsw-3220-4a-4b-02          st2       SN[HU19497WVR]
  3. In the backup application, configure the rest of the backup process by using the backup application’s documentation.

After you finish

If a data mobility event occurs, such as a volume move or LIF migration, you must be prepared to reinitialize any interrupted backup operations.

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