ONTAP 9.14

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Special considerations after an ONTAP upgrade

If your cluster is configured with any of the following features you might need to perform additional steps after you upgrade.

Ask yourself…​ If your answer is yes, then do this…​

Did I upgrade from ONTAP 9.7 to ONTAP 9.8 or later?

Verify your network configuration

Remove the EMS LIF service from network service polices that do not provide reachabiity to the EMS destination

Is my cluster in a a MetroCluster configuration?

Verify your networking and storage status

Do I have a SAN configuration?

Verify your SAN configuration

Did I upgrade from ONTAP 9.7 or earlier, and am using NetApp Storage Encryption?

Reconfigure KMIP server connections

Do I have load-sharing mirrors?

Relocate moved load-sharing mirror source volumes

Do I have user accounts for Service Processor (SP) access that were created prior to ONTAP 9.9.1?

Verify the change in accounts that can access the Service Processor

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