ONTAP 9.14

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NDMP extensions supported by ONTAP

NDMP v4 provides a mechanism for creating NDMP v4 protocol extensions without modifying the core NDMP v4 protocol. You should be aware of the NDMP v4 extensions that are supported by ONTAP.

The following NDMP v4 extensions are supported by ONTAP:

  • Cluster Aware Backup (CAB)

    This extension is supported only in the SVM-scoped NDMP mode.

  • Connection Address Extension (CAE) for IPv6 support

  • Extension class 0x2050

    This extension supports restartable backup operations and Snapshot Management Extensions.

    The NDMP_SNAP_RECOVER message, which is part of the Snapshot Management Extensions, is used to initiate a recovery operation and to transfer the recovered data from a local Snapshot copy to a local file system location. In ONTAP, this message allows the recovery of volumes and regular files only.

    The NDMP_SNAP_DIR_LIST message enables you to browse through the Snapshot copies of a volume. If a nondisruptive operation takes place while a browsing operation is in progress, the backup application must reinitiate the browsing operation.

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