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Enable 64-bit NFSv3 identifiers on an SVM

To support the high file count of FlexGroup volumes and to avoid file ID collisions, you should enable 64-bit file identifiers on the SVM on which the FlexGroup volume must be created.

  1. Log in to the advanced privilege level: set -privilege advanced

  2. Modify the SVM to use 64-bit NFSv3 FSIDs and file IDs: vserver nfs modify -vserver svm_name -v3-64bit-identifiers enabled

    cluster1::*> vserver nfs modify -vserver vs0 -v3-64bit-identifiers enabled
    Warning: You are attempting to increase the number of bits used for NFSv3
             FSIDs and File IDs from 32 to 64 on Vserver "vs0". This could
             result in older client software no longer working with the volumes
             owned by Vserver "vs0".
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
    Warning: Based on the changes you are making to the NFS server on Vserver
             "vs0", it is highly recommended that you remount all NFSv3 clients
             connected to it after the command completes.
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
After you finish

All of the clients must be remounted. This is required because the file system IDs change, and the clients might receive stale file handle messages when attempting NFS operations.

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