ONTAP 9.14

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Modify a mirror policy

You might want to modify an S3 mirror policy; for example, if you want to adjust the RPO and throttle values.

ONTAP System Manager

If you want to adjust these values, you can edit an existing protection policy.

  1. Click Protection > Relationships, and then select the protection policy for the relationship you want to modify.

  2. Click more icon next to the policy name, then click Edit.


Modify an S3 SnapMirror policy:
snapmirror policy modify -vserver svm_name -policy policy_name [-rpo integer] [-throttle throttle_type] [-comment text]


  • -rpo – specifies the time for recovery point objective, in seconds.

  • -throttle – specifies the upper limit on throughput/bandwidth, in kilobytes/seconds.

clusterA::> snapmirror policy modify -vserver vs0 -policy test-policy -rpo 60
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