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Exclude volumes from SVM replication

By default, all RW data volumes of the source SVM are replicated. If you do not want to protect all the volumes on the source SVM, you can use the -vserver-dr-protection unprotected option of the volume modify command to exclude volumes from SVM replication.

  1. Exclude a volume from SVM replication:

    volume modify -vserver SVM -volume volume -vserver-dr-protection unprotected

    For complete command syntax, see the man page.

    The following example excludes the volume volA_src from SVM replication:

    cluster_src::> volume modify -vserver SVM1 -volume volA_src -vserver-dr-protection unprotected

    If you later want to include a volume in the SVM replication that you originally excluded, run the following command:

    volume modify -vserver SVM -volume volume -vserver-dr-protection protected

    The following example includes the volume volA_src in the SVM replication:

    cluster_src::> volume modify -vserver SVM1 -volume volA_src -vserver-dr-protection protected
  2. Create and initialize the SVM replication relationship as described in Replicating an entire SVM configuration.

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