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Display information about a VLAN (cluster administrators only)

You can display information about a specific VLAN or about all VLANs in the cluster.

About this task

You can display detailed information for each VLAN by specifying the -instance parameter. You can display specific information by specifying field names using the -fields parameter.


Display information about VLANs by using the network port vlan show command. The following command displays information about all VLANs in the cluster:

network port vlan show
                 Network Network
Node   VLAN Name Port    VLAN ID  MAC Address
------ --------- ------- -------- -----------------
       a0a-10    a0a     10       02:a0:98:06:10:b2
       a0a-20    a0a     20       02:a0:98:06:10:b2
       a0a-30    a0a     30       02:a0:98:06:10:b2
       a0a-40    a0a     40       02:a0:98:06:10:b2
       a0a-50    a0a     50       02:a0:98:06:10:b2
       a0a-10    a0a     10       02:a0:98:06:10:ca
       a0a-20    a0a     20       02:a0:98:06:10:ca
       a0a-30    a0a     30       02:a0:98:06:10:ca
       a0a-40    a0a     40       02:a0:98:06:10:ca
       a0a-50    a0a     50       02:a0:98:06:10:ca
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