ONTAP 9.14

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Remove ports from a broadcast domain

If the ports that you want to add to the new broadcast domain are already in another broadcast domain, you must remove the ports from that broadcast domain before assigning them to the new broadcast domain.

This task is relevant for ONTAP 9.7, not ONTAP 9.8.
Before you begin

You must be a cluster administrator to perform this task.

  1. Remove ports from the broadcast domain specifying the following:

    • IPspace, Default in the following sample.

    • Broadcast domain, Default in the following sample.

    • Ports, using the node and port syntax, node1:e0d,node1:e0e,node2:e0d,node2:e0e in the following sample.

      network port broadcast-domain remove-ports -ipspace Default -broadcast-domain Default -ports node1:e0d,node1:e0e,node2:e0d,node2:e0e
  2. Verify that the ports were removed from the broadcast domain:

    network port show

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