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Update a load-sharing mirror relationship

Load-sharing mirror (LSM) relationships are updated automatically for SVM root volumes after a volume in the SVM is mounted or unmounted, and during volume create operations that include the `junction-path`option. You can manually update a LSM relationship if you want it updated before the next scheduled update.

Load-sharing mirror relationships update automatically in the following circumstances:

  • It’s time for a scheduled update

  • A mount or unmount operation is performed on a volume in the SVM root volume

  • A volume create command is issued that includes the juntion-path option

  1. Update a load-sharing mirror relationship manually:

    You must replace the variables in angle brackets with the required values before running this command.

    snapmirror update-ls-set -source-path <SVM:volume>

    The following example updates the load-sharing mirror relationship for the root volume svm1_root:

    cluster_src::> snapmirror update-ls-set -source-path svm1:svm1_root
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