ONTAP 9.14

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Verify the auditing configuration

After completing the auditing configuration, you should verify that auditing is configured properly and is enabled.

  1. Verify the auditing configuration:

    vserver audit show -instance -vserver vserver_name

    The following command displays in list form all auditing configuration information for storage virtual machine (SVM) vs1:

    vserver audit show -instance -vserver vs1

                                 Vserver: vs1
                          Auditing state: true
                    Log Destination Path: /audit_log
           Categories of Events to Audit: file-ops
                              Log Format: evtx
                     Log File Size Limit: 200MB
            Log Rotation Schedule: Month: -
      Log Rotation Schedule: Day of Week: -
              Log Rotation Schedule: Day: -
             Log Rotation Schedule: Hour: -
           Log Rotation Schedule: Minute: -
                      Rotation Schedules: -
                Log Files Rotation Limit: 0
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