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EMS configuration workflow

You must configure important EMS event notifications to be sent either as email, forwarded to a syslog server, forwarded to an SNMP traphost, or forwarded to a webhook application. This helps you to avoid system disruptions by taking corrective actions in a timely manner.

About this task

If your environment already contains a syslog server for aggregating the logged events from other systems, such as servers and applications, then it is easier to use that syslog server also for important event notifications from storage systems.

If your environment does not already contain a syslog server, then it is easier to use email for important event notifications.

If you already forward event notifications to an SNMP traphost, then you might want to monitor that traphost for important events.

This illustration is a flowchart of the EMS configuration workflow for high-severity events. The steps in the workflow diagram match the topics in this guide.
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