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Enable trunking on the NFS server

Trunking must be explicitly enabled on NFS servers. NFSv4.1 is enabled by default when NFS servers are created.

After enabling trunking, verify that the following services are configured as needed.

  1. Enable trunking and ensure that NFSv4.1 is enabled:

    vserver nfs create -vserver svm_name -v4.1 enabled -v4.1-trunking enabled

  2. Verify that NFS is running: vserver nfs status -vserver svm_name

  3. Verify that NFS is configured as desired:

    vserver nfs show -vserver svm_name

    Learn more about NFS server configuration. .. If you are serving to Windows clients from this SVM, move the shares then delete the server.
    vserver cifs show -vserver svm_name
    vserver cifs delete -vserver svm_name

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