ONTAP 9.14

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Delete a LIF

You can delete a network interface (LIF) that is no longer required.

Before you begin

LIFs to be deleted must not be in use.

  1. Mark the LIFs you want to delete as administratively down using the following command:

    network interface modify -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name -status-admin down
  2. Use the network interface delete command to delete one or all LIFs:

    If you want to delete…​

    Enter the command …​

    A specific LIF

    network interface delete -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name

    All LIFs

    network interface delete -vserver vserver_name -lif *

    The following command deletes the LIF mgmtlif2:

    network interface delete -vserver vs1 -lif mgmtlif2
  3. Use the network interface show command to confirm that the LIF is deleted.

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