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Convert a directory to a qtree using a UNIX client

To convert a directory to a qtree in UNIX, you rename the directory, create a qtree on the storage system, and move the directory’s contents to the qtree.

  1. Open a UNIX client window.

  2. Use the mv command to rename the directory.

    client: mv /n/user1/vol1/dir1 /n/user1/vol1/olddir
  3. From the storage system, use the volume qtree create command to create a qtree with the original name.

    system1: volume qtree create /n/user1/vol1/dir1
  4. From the client, use the mv command to move the contents of the old directory into the qtree.

    The more subdirectories contained in a directory that you are moving, the longer the move operation will take.

    client: mv /n/user1/vol1/olddir/* /n/user1/vol1/dir1
  5. Use the rmdir command to delete the old, now-empty directory.

    client: rmdir /n/user1/vol1/olddir
After you finish

Depending on how your UNIX client implements the mv command, file ownership and permissions might not be preserved. If this occurs, update file owners and permissions to their previous values.

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