ONTAP 9.14

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Enable node-scoped NDMP on the cluster

You can back up volumes hosted on a single node by enabling node-scoped NDMP, enabling the NDMP service, and configuring a LIF for data and control connection. This can be done for all nodes of the cluster.

Node-scoped NDMP is deprecated in ONTAP 9.
About this task

When using NDMP in node-scope mode, authentication must be configured on a per-node basis.

  1. Enable node-scoped NDMP mode by using the system services ndmp command with the node-scope-mode parameter.

    cluster1::> system services ndmp node-scope-mode on
    NDMP node-scope-mode is enabled.
  2. Enable NDMP service on all nodes in the cluster by using the system services ndmp on command.

    Using the wildcard “*” enables NDMP service on all nodes at the same time.

    You must specify a password for authentication of the NDMP connection by the backup application.

    cluster1::> system services ndmp on -node *
    Please enter password:
    Confirm password:
    2 entries were modified.
  3. Disable the -clear-text option for secure communication of the NDMP password by using the system services ndmp modify command.

    Using the wildcard “*” disables the -clear-text option on all nodes at the same time.

    cluster1::> system services ndmp modify -node * -clear-text false
    2 entries were modified.
  4. Verify that NDMP service is enabled and the -clear-text option is disabled by using the system services ndmp show command.

    cluster1::> system services ndmp show
    Node                  Enabled   Clear text  User Id
    --------------------- --------- ----------- ---------
    cluster1-1            true      false        root
    cluster1-2            true      false        root
    2 entries were displayed.
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