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Delete LUNs

You can delete a LUN from a storage virtual machine (SVM) if you no longer need the LUN.

What you’ll need

The LUN must be unmapped from its igroup before you can delete it.

  1. Verify that the application or host is not using the LUN.

  2. Unmap the LUN from the igroup:

    lun mapping delete -vserver <SVM_name> -volume <volume_name> -lun <LUN_name> -igroup <igroup_name>
  3. Delete the LUN:

    lun delete -vserver <SVM_name> -volume <volume_name> -lun <LUN_name>
  4. Verify that you deleted the LUN:

    lun show -vserver <SVM_name>
    Vserver   Path              State    Mapped  Type     Size
    --------- ----------------- -------- ------- -------- ------
    vs5       /vol/vol16/lun8   online   mapped  windows  10.00GB
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