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Associate a public key with an administrator account

For SSH public key authentication, you must associate the public key with an administrator account before the account can access the SVM. You can use the security login publickey create command to associate a key with an administrator account.

About this task

If you authenticate an account over SSH with both a password and an SSH public key, the account is authenticated first with the public key.

Before you begin
  • You must have generated the SSH key.

  • You must be a cluster or SVM administrator to perform this task.

  1. Associate a public key with an administrator account:

    security login publickey create -vserver SVM_name -username user_name -index index -publickey certificate -comment comment

    For complete command syntax, see the worksheet reference for Associating a public key with a user account.

  2. Verify the change by viewing the public key:

    security login publickey show -vserver SVM_name -username user_name -index index


The following command associates a public key with the SVM administrator account svmadmin1 for the SVM engData1. The public key is assigned index number 5.

cluster1::> security login publickey create -vserver engData1 -username svmadmin1 -index 5 -publickey
"<key text>"
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