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What configuration backup files are

Configuration backup files are archive files (.7z) that contain information for all configurable options that are necessary for the cluster, and the nodes within it, to operate properly.

These files store the local configuration of each node, plus the cluster-wide replicated configuration. You use configuration backup files to back up and restore the configuration of your cluster.

There are two types of configuration backup files:

  • Node configuration backup file

    Each healthy node in the cluster includes a node configuration backup file, which contains all of the configuration information and metadata necessary for the node to operate healthy in the cluster.

  • Cluster configuration backup file

    These files include an archive of all of the node configuration backup files in the cluster, plus the replicated cluster configuration information (the replicated database, or RDB file). Cluster configuration backup files enable you to restore the configuration of the entire cluster, or of any node in the cluster. The cluster configuration backup schedules create these files automatically and store them on several nodes in the cluster.

Configuration backup files contain configuration information only. They do not include any user data. For information about restoring user data, see Data Protection.

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