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Verify user access

You should test that the users you configured can access the SMB share and the files it contains.

  1. On a Windows client, log in as one of the users who now has access to the share.

  2. From the Tools menu in Windows Explorer, select Map network drive.

  3. Complete the Map Network Drive box:

    1. Select a Drive letter.

    2. In the Folder box, type the share name you will provide to users.

      If your SMB server name is SMB_SERVER01 and your share is named “SHARE1”, you would enter \\SMB_SERVER01\share1.

    3. Click Finish.

    The drive you selected is mounted and ready with the Windows Explorer window displaying files and folders contained within the share.

  4. Create a test file, verify that it exists, write text to it, and then remove the test file.

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