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ODX copy offload requirements for SQL Server and Hyper-V over SMB

ODX copy offload must be enabled if you want to migrate virtual machine files or export and import database files directly from source to the destination storage location without sending data through the application servers. There are certain requirements that you must understand about using ODX copy offload with SQL Server and Hyper-V over SMB solutions.

Using ODX copy offload provides a significant performance benefit. This CIFS server option is enabled by default.

  • SMB 3.0 must be enabled to use ODX copy offload.

  • Source volumes must be a minimum of 1.25 GB.

  • Deduplication must be enabled on volumes used with copy offload.

  • If you use compressed volumes, the compression type must be adaptive and only compression group size 8K is supported.

    Secondary compression type is not supported

  • To use ODX copy offload to migrate Hyper-V guests within and between disks, the Hyper-V servers must be configured to use SCSI disks.

    The default is to configure IDE disks, but ODX copy offload does not work when guests are migrated if disks are created using IDE disks.

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