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Prepare for mirroring and vaulting

You can protect your data by replicating it to a remote cluster for data backup and disaster recovery purposes.

Several default protection policies are available. You must have created your protection policies if you want to use custom policies.

workflow diagram of task to prepare for mirroring and vaulting

  1. In the local cluster, click Protection > Overview.

  2. Expand Intercluster Settings. Click Add Network Interfaces and add intercluster network interfaces for the cluster.

    Repeat this step on the remote cluster.

  3. In the remote cluster, click Protection > Overview. Click menu options icon in the Cluster Peers section and click Generate Passphrase.

  4. Copy the generated passphrase and paste it in the local cluster.

  5. In the local cluster, under Cluster Peers, click Peer Clusters and peer the local and remote clusters.

  6. Optionally, under Storage VM Peers, click menu options icon and then Peer Storage VMs to peer the storage VMs.

  7. Click Protect Volumes to protect your volumes. To protect your LUNs, click Storage > LUNs, select a LUN to protect, and then click Protect button.

    Select the protection policy based on the type of data protection you need.

  8. To verify the volumes and LUNs are successfully protected from the local cluster, click Storage > Volumes or Storage > LUNs and, expand the volume/LUN view.

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