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Manage audit-policy-change event

When an audit-policy-change event is configured for a storage virtual machine (SVM) and an audit is enabled, audit events are generated. The audit-policy-change events are generated when an audit policy is modified using vserver audit related commands.

The audit-policy-change event with the event-id 4719 is generated whenever an audit policy is disabled, enabled, or modified and helps to identify when a user attempts to disable auditing to cover the tracks. It is configured by default and requires diagnostic privilege to disable.

The following example displays an audit-policy change event with the ID 4719 generated, when an audit is disabled:

fujitsu-clus1::*> vserver audit disable -vserver vserver_1
- System
  - Provider
   [ Name]  Fujitsu-Security-Auditing
   [ Guid]  {3CB2A168-FE19-4A4E-BDAD-DCF422F13473}
   EventID 4719
   EventName Audit Disabled
  SubjectUserName admin
  SubjectUserSid 65533-1001
  SubjectDomainName ~
  SubjectIP console
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