ONTAP 9.14

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Cluster and SVM administrators

Cluster administrators administer the entire cluster and the storage virtual machines (SVMs, formerly known as Vservers) it contains. SVM administrators administer only their own data SVMs.

Cluster administrators can administer the entire cluster and its resources. They can also set up data SVMs and delegate SVM administration to SVM administrators. The specific capabilities that cluster administrators have depend on their access-control roles. By default, a cluster administrator with the “admin” account name or role name has all capabilities for managing the cluster and SVMs.

SVM administrators can administer only their own SVM storage and network resources, such as volumes, protocols, LIFs, and services. The specific capabilities that SVM administrators have depend on the access-control roles that are assigned by cluster administrators.

The ONTAP command-line interface (CLI) continues to use the term Vserver in the output, and vserver as a command or parameter name has not changed.

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