ONTAP 9.14

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How quotas work with special Windows groups

Quotas are applied to the Everyone group and the BUILTIN\Administrators group differently than to other Windows groups.

The following list describes what happens if the quota target is a special Windows group ID:

  • If the quota target is the Everyone group, a file whose ACL shows that the owner is Everyone is counted under the SID for Everyone.

  • If the quota target is BUILTIN\Administrators, the entry is considered a user quota, for tracking only.

    You cannot impose restrictions on BUILTIN\Administrators.

    If a member of BUILTIN\Administrators creates a file, the file is owned by BUILTIN\Administrators and is counted under the SID for BUILTIN\Administrators, not the user’s personal SID.

ONTAP does not support group quotas based on Windows group IDs. If you specify a Windows group ID as the quota target, the quota is considered to be a user quota.

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