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Use the quota report to determine which quotas limit writes to a specific file

You can use the volume quota report command with a specific file path to determine which quota limits affect write operations to a file. This can help you understand which quota is preventing a write operation.

  1. Use the volume quota report command with the -path parameter.

Example of showing quotas affecting a specific file

The following example shows the command and output to determine what quotas are in effect for writes to the file file1, which resides in the qtree q1 in the FlexVol volume vol2:

cluster1:> volume quota report -vserver vs0 -volume vol2 -path /vol/vol2/q1/file1
Virtual Server: vs0
                                    ----Disk----  ----Files-----   Quota
Volume   Tree      Type    ID        Used  Limit    Used   Limit   Specifier
-------  --------  ------  -------  -----  -----  ------  ------   ---------
vol2     q1        tree    jsmith     1MB  100MB       2   10000   q1
vol2     q1        group   eng        1MB  700MB       2   70000
vol2               group   eng        1MB  700MB       6   70000   *
vol2               user    corp\jsmith
                                      1MB   50MB       1       -   *
vol2     q1        user    corp\jsmith
                                      1MB   50MB       1       -
5 entries were displayed.
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