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Types of AutoSupport messages and their content

AutoSupport messages contain status information about supported subsystems. Learning what AutoSupport messages contain can help you interpret or respond to messages that you receive in email or view on the Active IQ (formerly known as My AutoSupport) web site.

Type of message Type of data the message contains


Files containing context-sensitive data about the specific subsystem where the event occurred


Log files


Performance data sampled during the previous 24 hours


Configuration and status data

Triggered by the system node autosupport invoke command

Depends on the value specified in the -type parameter:

  • test sends a user-triggered message with some basic data.

    This message also triggers an automated email response from Fujitsu Support to any specified email addresses, using the -to option, so that you can confirm that AutoSupport messages are being received.

  • performance sends performance data.

  • all sends a user-triggered message with a complete set of data similar to the weekly message, including troubleshooting data from each subsystem.

    Fujitsu Support typically requests this message.

Triggered by the system node autosupport invoke-core-upload command

Core dump files for a node

Triggered by the system node autosupport invoke-performance-archive command

Performance archive files for a specified period of time

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