ONTAP 9.14

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What physical path names are

Physical path names (PPNs) are the numerical address sequences that ONTAP assigns to tape drives and tape libraries based on the SCSI-2/3 adapter or switch (specific location) they are connected to the storage system. PPNs are also known as electrical names.

PPNs of direct-attached devices use the following format: host_adapter. device_id_lun

The LUN value is displayed only for tape and medium changer devices whose LUN values are not zero; that is, if the LUN value is zero the lun part of the PPN is not displayed.

For example, the PPN 8.6 indicates that the host adapter number is 8, the device ID is 6, and the logical unit number (LUN) is 0.

SAS tape devices are also direct-attached devices. For example, the PPN 5c.4 indicates that in a storage system, the SAS HBA is connected in slot 5, SAS tape is connected to port C of the SAS HBA, and the device ID is 4.

PPNs of Fibre Channel switch-attached devices use the following format: switch:port_id. device_id_lun

For example, the PPN MY_SWITCH:5.3L2 indicates that the tape drive connected to port 5 of a switch called MY_SWITCH is set with device ID 3 and has the LUN 2.

The LUN (logical unit number) is determined by the drive. Fibre Channel, SCSI tape drives and libraries, and disks have PPNs.

PPNs of tape drives and libraries do not change unless the name of the switch changes, the tape drive or library moves, or the tape drive or library is reconfigured. PPNs remain unchanged after reboot. For example, if a tape drive named MY_SWITCH:5.3L2 is removed and a new tape drive with the same device ID and LUN is connected to port 5 of the switch MY_SWITCH, the new tape drive would be accessible by using MY_SWITCH:5.3L2.

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