ONTAP 9.14

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Considerations for auditing FlexCache volumes

You can audit NFS file access events in FlexCache relationships using native ONTAP auditing and file policy management with FPolicy.

Beginning with ONTAP 9.14.1, FPolicy is supported for FlexCache volumes with NFS or SMB. Previously, FPolicy was not supported for FlexCache volumes with SMB.

Native auditing and FPolicy are configured and managed with the same CLI commands used for FlexVol volumes. However, there is some different behavior with FlexCache volumes.

  • Native auditing

    • You can’t use a FlexCache volume as the destination for audit logs.

    • If you want to audit read and writes on FlexCache volumes, you must configure auditing on both the cache SVM as well as on the origin SVM.

      This is because file system operations are audited where they are processed. That is, reads are audited on the cache SVM and writes are audited on the origin SVM.

    • To track the origin of write operations, the SVM UUID and MSID are appended in the audit log to identify the FlexCache volume from which the write originated.

    • Although system access control lists (SACLs) can be set on a file using NFSv4 or SMB protocols, FlexCache volumes support only NFSv3. Therefore, SACLs can only be set on the origin volume.

  • FPolicy

    • Although writes to a FlexCache volume are committed on the origin volume, FPolicy configurations monitor the writes on the cache volume. This is unlike native auditing, in which the writes are audited on the origin volume.

    • While ONTAP does not require the same FPolicy configuration on cache and origin SVMs, it is recommended that you deploy two similar configurations. You can do so by creating a new FPolicy policy for the cache, configured like that of the origin SVM but with the scope of the new policy limited to the cache SVM.

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