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Disable or enable BranchCache

You can disable BranchCache on the storage virtual machine (SVM) by changing the BranchCache operating mode to disabled. You can enable BranchCache at any time by changing the operating mode to either offer BranchCache services per-share or automatically for all shares.

  1. Run the appropriate command:

    If you want to…​ Then enter the following…​

    Disable BranchCache

    vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vserver_name -operating-mode disable

    Enable BranchCache per share

    vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vserver_name -operating-mode per-share

    Enable BranchCache for all shares

    vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vserver_name -operating-mode all-shares

  2. Verify that the BranchCache operating mode is configured with the desired setting: vserver cifs branchcache show -vserver vserver_name


The following example disables BranchCache on SVM vs1:

cluster1::> vserver cifs branchcache modify -vserver vs1 -operating-mode disable

cluster1::> vserver cifs branchcache show -vserver vs1

                                 Vserver: vs1
          Supported BranchCache Versions: enable_all
                      Path to Hash Store: /hash_data
          Maximum Size of the Hash Store: 20GB
Encryption Key Used to Secure the Hashes: -
        CIFS BranchCache Operating Modes: disable
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