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Verify the applied audit policy

You can verify the audit policy to confirm that the files or folders on the storage virtual machine (SVM) to which you applied the security policy have the desired audit security settings.

About this task

You use the vserver security file-directory show command to display audit policy information. You must supply the name of the SVM that contains the data and the path to the data whose file or folder audit policy information you want to display.

  1. Display audit policy settings: vserver security file-directory show -vserver vserver_name -path path


The following command displays the audit policy information applied to the path “/corp” in SVM vs1. The path has both a SUCCESS and a SUCCESS/FAIL SACL entry applied to it:

cluster::> vserver security file-directory show -vserver vs1 -path /corp

                Vserver: vs1
              File Path: /corp
         Security Style: ntfs
        Effective Style: ntfs
         DOS Attributes: 10
 DOS Attributes in Text: ----D---
Expanded Dos Attributes: -
           Unix User Id: 0
          Unix Group Id: 0
         Unix Mode Bits: 777
 Unix Mode Bits in Text: rwxrwxrwx
                   ACLs: NTFS Security Descriptor
                         SACL - ACEs
                         DACL - ACEs
                           ALLOW-CREATOR OWNER-0x1f01ff-OI|CI
                           ALLOW-NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM-0x1f01ff-OI|CI
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