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FC Target port configuration recommendations

For best performance and highest availability, you should use the recommended FC target port configuration.

The following table shows the preferred port usage order for onboard FC and FC-NVMe target ports. For expansion adapters, the FC ports should be spread so that they do not use the same ASIC for connectivity.

FC-NVMe is supported on the following models:

  • AX4100

    The AX4100 onboard ports do not support FC-NVMe.

Controller Port pairs with shared ASIC Number of target ports: Preferred ports




1: 0e

2: 0e, 0g

3: 0e, 0g, 0h

4: 0e, 0g, 0f, 0h

HX6100 and AX4100


1: 0g

2: 0g, 0h

HX2100, HX2200, AX2100



1: 0c

2: 0c, 0e

3: 0c, 0e, 0d

4: 0c, 0e, 0d, 0f

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